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  2. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 18 November, 2021.

    Bittydesign HIBERYA 190mm Clear Frontie Bodyshell

    Our Price:   26.25 

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    Features  of the product

    The bodywork is UNIVERSAL and mounts on all 1/10 190mm models , both those specially developed by the manufacturers for the front-wheel drive (FWD) category, and also those with traditional 4WD (touring) chassis.

    • Manufactured with  premium Lexan® polycarbonate
    • Included in the kit is a complete set of screws, nuts and large plastic washers necessary for a correct attachment of the rear wing
    • Printed only in Light Weight version 
    • Compatible with all 1/10 190mm electric frames  with 257-260mm wheelbase
    • Sold transparent with protective outer film
    • pre-cut adhesive card   and window masks are included in the package

    Prepare the bodywork in  30 minutes !

    Why not show up on the track with a pro look that you can achieve with minimal effort?  
    Or do you prefer to take to the track with an anonymous all-white bodywork without even the stickers of the headlights and air intakes applied for lack of desire or time in cutting them? This is why we have created eye-catching graphics that you can apply outside quickly and easily ; in the gallery next to it we show some steps during the preparation of the body. 

    The large adhesive card is PRE-CUT so that things are as easy and comfortable as possible for you:

    paint the bodywork in the desired base color and attach the stickers as illustrated: your HIBERYA will look as beautiful as in the picture in just half an hour , we have designed the right style, you just have to apply it