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  2. This product was added to our catalog on Monday 15 November, 2021.

    Black Death Power Comm Drops

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    Black Death Brushed Motor Power Comm Drops
    • Add drop or two on the commutator every run will increase power. 
    • Great to use when breaking in your new brushes. 
    • Lubes commutator and keeps brushes from burning. 
    • Comes in a 1/2oz (15ml) Needle Tip Bottle
    Brushed Motor BREAK-IN Tip:
    For Breaking in a Brushed Motor, Best method is run the motor on low voltage less than 3 volts

    Start with a drop or two of oil on each bushing or bearing and a drop or two of comm drops on each brush. About half way through the break in add another drop or two of comm drops.

    For a sealed can motor like a Tamiya Mabuchi Motor I would run it for at least 1 hour. 
    For a Rebuildable Brushed Motor with stock or upgraded brushes run the motor for about 30 minutes

    If you have a motor mount to hold the motor add a small fan to motor shaft to blow air through the motor to keep it cool.

    When finished clean motor with electric motor spray and re-oil the bearings or bushings

    Adding one drop of comm drops before a run will add a little performance, but brushes will wear quicker.